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About Us
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Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 is a huge challenge for humankind. The 17 goals comprising 169 targets require innovations and collaboration, that will not be possible without involving the private sector in the joint efforts.

In addition to the estimated required investment of USD 30 trillion to achieve the SDGs, what is needed are scientific breakthroughs, transformational innovations and capable entrepreneurs to implement them.

Therefore, the Innovations for Sustainability Partnership INSPiRE empowers start-ups in developed and in developing countries to unlock their potential and to become a major contributor to achieving the UN SDGs.


INSPiRE offers free of charge to all start-ups interested in operating in developing countries a comprehensive knowledge database of online tutorials, coursework, extensive networking opportunities and access to finance opportunities. The information is particularly tailored to entrepreneurs and tech hubs in developing countries who often lack access to quality materials and networks.


A selected group of talented start-ups have the opportunity of applying for membership status. INSPiRE offers its members privileged information, exclusive networking opportunities for investments and bespoke consulting and business development services that unlock the companies growth potential in developing and developed countries while addressing the SDGs objectives.


INSPiRE focuses on supporting German and European start-ups to internationalise their business toward developing countries, notably to Africa for market access, investments and supply chain development.

  • Visibility towards key stakeholders
  • Credibility of selected start-ups/SMEs
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to public funding
  • Access to investors
  • Access to consulting services
  • Business access to the worlds fastest growing markets
  • Prestige and reputation

INSPiRE is becoming the largest free-of-charge knowledge and networking platform for start-up entrepreneurs in Africa. It offers tailored capacity development to its highly selected members.

  • The largest free knowledge and networking platform for entrepreneurs in Africa – free of charge
  • High-quality business development services
  • International visibility for investors and customers
  • Access to finance opportunities from Public funding and Private Investors
  • Focus on sustainable growth in Africa and export opportunities to developed countries

INSPiRE supports tech hubs in developing countries by offering first class networking opportunities with other tech hubs and investors notably in Europe and the USA as well as capacity development and training materials to support its member start-ups in their growth.

  • First class training and capacity development materials
  • Networking opportunities with tech hubs from around the world
  • Exchange programs for tech hub managers and member start-ups
  • Access to public and private financing
  • Improved visibility and reputation

INSPiRE provides quality assurance of its member companies due to its highly selective membership rules and close follow up. Further, INSPiRE has an in-depth understanding of public sector demands and procedures.

  • Quality assurance of member companies
  • In-depth understanding of public sector demands and procedures
  • Facilitation of communication with start-ups
  • Publicising programs and funding opportunities and facilitation of quality applications

INSPiRE offers a unique partnership approach between start-ups contributing to the SDGs and the academia. Researchers can test and validate theories and the private sector can cooperate with leading scientist in their respective fields to improve their products and business models.

  • Cooperation with public and private sectors to test and validate theories
  • First-hand research material on “start-up internationalisation” and “private sector contribution to SDGs”
  • Identify and understand practical challenges and success stories
  • Contribute to sustainable development by improving products and sustainable business models

INSPiRE offers a highly selective, vetted and supported start-up elite to match with professional, sustainable investors. Our on-demand services for investors help identify the right start-up for specific requirements.

  • Selection of highly innovative and sustainable start-ups seeking investments for further business development
  • Thorough and professional quantitative and qualitative vetting and strict selection procedures of members
  • On-demand services for investors

Our Team

The INSPiRE Management Team offers a distinct background in global and private sector development, innovation and sustainability

Benedikt Pollmeier



Alexander v. Brühl-Pohl



Andrew Sekandi

Investor Relations


Vanessa Stachtou

Access to Finance Specialist


Raoul Jochum

Innovations Specialist


Press and Recognition

List of Fastest Growing Companies 2016

Best Business Award Winner for Excellence 2016

World Summit Award Winner for Innovation 2016